Our SUMMER FUN program will be divided into two 5-week sessions (6/22 - 7/31 & 8/3- 9/4 ).  Each day will be filled  with lots of activities, including arts & crafts and outdoor  activities.  KINDERMUSIK will be a regular  part of each week.  The following are descriptions of the KINDERMUSIK curriculum for each session:

PRE-K   1 - (2 - 3 year olds)

SPLASH  !- 6/22-7/31 - Ahoy there, Mates! It’s time to leave the rocky shores behind and dive into a sea of pretend-play experiences. This unit’s adventures are all about water! We’ll blow bubbles in the bathtub, float down the river, and sail through smooth and choppy waters as we learn about patterns, number concepts, steady beat, and rhythm. We’ll expand our spatial awareness as we waddle to the water like penguins, swim to the surface like fish, and row, row, row our boats. A Bath Time story and water-themed songs and dances will spur our imaginations and bring the learning to life. After all, everything is more fun when you Splash!
The Home CD includes all the songs from the class and a narration of the bath time story.

The Beach ball included will add some summer fun to your home activities.

 UP IN THE SKY ! - 8/3 - 9/4 - Up, up , and away! In this unit, we’ll explore all the things that find their home in the sky through songs, instruments, vocal play, and listening activities. Get ready to fly kites, meet Mister Robin, pretend to be clouds, and reach for the stars. There’s so much fun and learning Up in the Sky!Includes: Home CD and book-style Family Guide (includes the class story Mister Sun).

PRE-K  2 - (3- 5 year olds}

SOUNDS ABOUND - 6/22 - 7/31 - In a world without instruments, could you still make music? Of course you could! Music was born from creativity—people using their voices, bodies, and objects they found, assembled, or invented to make new sounds. Join us as we explore rhythm patterns, creative sound-finding and sound-making, graphic notation, and storytelling—because the creative brain is where Sounds Abound!                                         The Sounds Abound Home Kit includes a magazine-style Family Guide and Home CD.

 UNDER THE RAINBOW - 8/3 - 9/4 - Come along on a magical trip to the land Under the Rainbow, where you’ll explore Irish music, jigs, slide whistles, glissando, high and low sounds, high and low movements, and even pots of gold.
The Home Materials include a 15-page magazine-style Family Guide and a Home CD.