TUITION: ( as of 7/1/19)
PART-TIME -    Pre-K 1 & Pre-K 2
1 morning per week $40.
2 mornings per week $80. 
3 mornings per week $120. 
4 mornings per week $160.
5 mornings per week $200.

FULL-TIME - 5 hours or more  - Pre-K 1 & Pre-K 2 
1 day per week -   $60.
2 days per week -   $120. 
3 days per week -   $180.
4 days per week -   $240.
5 days per week - $300.

A 10% discount will be given for 1 of the following:

  • Early Enrollment – discount will be applied to first month's tuition when registering for September. $200. non-refundable registration fee must be submitted by March 15.
  • Sibling discount – 10% discount will be applied for sibling.
  • Referral – 10% discount will be applied to 1 month's tuition when someone you refer enrolls their child  

*A $200. non-refundable Registration Fee/ Materials Fee will be required to enroll in the Fall/Winter program, September - June. This will be applied to the cost of KINDERMUSIK HOME MATERIALS.

*All enrollment forms must be completed and submitted prior to attendance.

*Hours and days are determined by your personal needs and availability of openings. Your schedule may only be changed with a 1-month written request and can only be made if staff:child ratios can be maintained.

 *Tuition will be due the last day of attendance of each month for the upcoming month. 

 *A 1-month written notice will be required if withdrawing from the program to allow sufficient time for the enrollment slot to be filled. 

 *No credit will be give for absence due to illness, vacations, holidays or snow days.   

* Children must be toilet-trained prior to enrollment in PRE-K 2.*Parents will be charged $5.00 for each 15 minutes when arriving late for their child.